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Posted by Leonid Komelyagin on June 08, 19101 at 00:10:12:

Go to -
> ...................................................................
> Good afternoon Pamela King!
> I and my friend students.We live in Russia.We themselves too not rich. We try to find people which not greedy and will be able to help a sick child and its parents to invalids to cure its daughter.They needed big summary-1600 dollars.But we that people miserable to give such money and so ask to helped than can.We help it sometimes.Give how much can on meal.We not rich.Help it, and God You will reward else more.
> If You can not render aid this family as an organization,help it simply on humanly at least $1-5.Or at least report an address people and organizations,which it is valid really helps such -as these beggars and sick people.If You already got this letter and did not help and You suddenly began troubles can cost on this think.
> Respectfully yours-one of the students Denis Taruta.
> God will recompense You for Your kindness and sympathy.
>Go to -
> ..................................................................... .....................................................................
> Good afternoon, Brothers and Sisters in God!
> I if YOU a have a few minutes and if the charity and kindness live in YOUR heart please read this letter. The letter is from Russia. A family of invalids Elena, Leonid and our daughter Maria is applying to YOU. Simple people, we appeal to YOUR understanding and kindness. We are tired from our problems, diseases and poverty. Unfortunately we have neither health nor opportunities to earn money themselves. I am an invalid from my childhood(a hard form of the diabetes and others chronic diseases). My husband is an invalid too( the absence of his right hand and other problems concerning his health). We are anxious about our daughter a lot.
> Maria is only 7 years old now. She is an invalid too. She has weak sight,the defeat of the Central nervous system, the inborn defect of heart,problems with her stomach, kidneys, problems with immunity system. We haven`t bought any clothes for a long time. But the girl is growing up. In 2000 she is going to school. A few years ago we had s, we had opportunities to Live and cure Maria.
> But new we are unemployed. Now days many healthy people can`t find any s and certainly Invalids are not needed. All we have are 3 our pensions-about $14 a month ( =$42 a month).
> If is such a beggarly and humiliating sum that we are in a horror facing our future and most of all our daughter`s future. Her life is in front of her. But weak and poor people are not needed. Several years we have been looking for kind and merciful people but finding soulless officials.
> If is awful that our country can`t take care of neither children and old people nor invalids.People are left to survive. Social politics of our country are directed on to covered Destruction of weak people, not on their support. Our politicians take credits by IMF and Spend this money for increasing their salaries or simply steal the money.
> 90% of the population are poor and we don`t see this credits. And
> officials are anxious only about the preservation of the present situation.
> It is profitable for them because it lets them get richer. And simple people are loosing the last hope to live. Invalids and old people don`t live but survive. The little sums of money we are paid as pensions are enough only for bread and potatoes. Naturally it is impossible even to dream about the medical treatment. We have applied to our charities foundations and organisations of Moscow. Unfortunately, and to our great surprise they refused to help us saying that they did not help to separate people, but only non-state,non-profits organisations. But although we have asked them to
> give us an address of such a non-state organisation for many times, nobody gave us it. It comes out that they help to each other, but they did not help those who needed it.
> We applied to the well-known Russian businessmen Berezovsky.B.A,
> Chubais.A.B, Bryncalov, Kobzon.I.D,Chernomyrdin.V.S. But all of them resent our letters to our city. And here we were answered that because of the lack of money in our city budget they couldn`t help us. We applied to our politicians Nemcov, Kirienko, Lujkov, Yavlinsky, Jirinovsky, even to our former president, Eltsin and his daughter Dyachenko. But they seem to be poorer than we. Some of them wrote us that they hadn`t money to help us.
> Some of them resent our letters to our city. Our city officials got angry because of our look for a help. They told us not to write any more, They told us that nobody would help us because there were a lot of people like us in our country and there wouldn`t be any exeption for us. It s pitiful and awful. It`s pitiful because people have become indifferent cynics and souless bureaucrats after 10 years of Democratic reforms . 70 years soviet authorities did not be able to do that reforms have done. But we are all under the God. And the God will give every person according to what be has done. Don`t they understand it?! The God said: Give those who ask you . But they seem to have another God. We don`t know what to do. The doctors tell us that Maria needs constant and serious medical treatment, in other case her diseases will influence on her mental and physical development. Maria needs 2-3 courses of medical treatment annually (a course costs $50). Moreover vitamins, normal food is necessary. Now her phyisic , kidneys, stomach, heart, neuralgia must be treated. And when Maria grows an operation for
> importing her sight will be necessary. For all that we need a huge sum of money not less than $1600. There is no places where we could find the money. Our pension are enough only for our survival. Maria is all for us. We are afraid that if something happens with us, our daughter would be doomed.
> Nobody will take care of her. We ask you in God`s name. Please help somehow you can!
> We understand that $1600 is a large sum of money and not everybody can give it to an ill child who is not his own. But if mercy and kindness live in your heart please help us somehow you can. Let it be any sum, medicine,food, goods for a girl - second hand. We shall be sincerely thankful for any help. If you have used toys and clothes, send us if you want. We sincerely hope that not all people are greedy and heartless. However, we believe that you will respond to our letter and take part in our daughter`s destiny. We shall pray for you. Let God give health to you and to your children. If you are interested, we could promote the information about your organization and about your business in the firms of our city. Our city,Omsk, is large. The population of it is 2 million people. Perhaps, new business contracts appear. If we would be able to thank you in some way,please write us. Our address:
> Komelyagina Elena Mihailovna.
> y.20n/c-51A,k-24.
> Omsk-53.
> 644053.-zip cod.
> Russia.
> If YOU sent us something please inform us about it by E-MAIL :
> ,
> The matter is that the students of the Siberian Automobile and Highway Academy and the Omsk State University replied to our request for a help.
> Sometimes they have an access to the Internet where they promote our letter.
> And we would like them to know about the results of their work first of all.
> We wish YOUR happiness, health and prosperity.
> With sincere respect and big hope!
> Let God Bless YOU!
> If YOU will want to help us, we are informing our account or system payments international WESTERN UNION:
> TO:-Your Bank
> Acc:-account Your Bank
> BIC:-name code
> <>
> Favor:Saving Bank of the Russian Federation,Head Office,Moskow
> For:Saving Bank of the Russian Federation,Omsk Office,Omsk
> Acc:<>
> For:Saving Bank of the Russian Federation,Branch N8152/0195,Gorodskoye,Omsk.
> Komelyagina Elena Mihailovna.
> 644053.Omsk.20n/c-51A,k-24.
> Pport X-KN 523169.
> Acc:42 301 840 7 4539 0334108/01
> Details of payments: Help donations.
> Good bay.
> Elena, Leonid and Maria.
> P.S. Please help us though $ 10-15! You may to sent us these money by letter or by book-post Help to us and God help to You!
If YOU can`t help us could YOU please send us the addresses of those eople are really able to help us.

Group students from Russia.

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